Andalakkum Aiyan,

Andalakkum Aiyan, Adanur, Thanjavur.

Moolavar: Andalakkum Aiyan
Urchavar: Sri Ranganathar
Thayar: Bargavi
Thala Vruksham: Punnai, Theertham:Chandra Theertham
Age of the temple: More than 2000 years old

In Tamil, “Aa” means cow. Kaamadhenu which is known to be a Divine cow is said to be good to give all sorts of wealth. During Kurma Avatharam taken by Lord Vishnu, all sorts of good things come out of it, which is used to the world. One of those things is Kaamadhenu, which is gifted to Indiran, the king of swargha Lokam.

Pasu (Cow)=Aa + than + oor. “Aa” means cow. Since, the Lord gave Prathyaksham for Kaamadhenu, this sthalam is called as “Thiru Adhanoor”.

The lord gives seva along with Ranganayaki Thaayar in this sthalam in Kidantha thirukkolam and having Marakkaal (Which is used as a measuring tool) below his head and a writing instrument, Ezhuthaani and Palm leaf in his left head.

The lord who is suppose to be the Paramaathma, resides on all of the hearts, which is considered as the place of stay of him.

He is seeing all the activities of Jeevaathma by going in depth to call to cell. As the seva of this God, he holds of the leaf (Oolai Chuvadi) and a writing instrument, he calculates the good and bad activities of all the Jeevathmaas and based on the activities, he is ruling the Jeevathmaas. Because of this reason this Emperumal is called as “Aandu Alakkum Iyan”, as he keeps Marakkal, measuring instrument which is used as the measuring tool for measuring the good and bad activities.His right hand is the hand which serves all the necessary things needed for the world (Padi alakkum Kai) and left hand for writing

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