Dravidian-style temples – Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu – Monolithic depictions of the Mahabharata India

Dravidian-style temples dotted with innumerable sculptures are the major attractions of Mahabalipuram. The stone carvings display Pallava art and took over 200 years to create making this one of the most ancient historical places in India.

11 temples called Mandapas lie on both sides of the hills at Mahabalipuram and these have both Dravidian style architecture as well as several Buddhist elements. The Shore tamilnadu Temple, Arjuna’s Penance and the Cave temples are some of the most popular tourist attractions of this region.

Interesting fact: The “Descent of the Ganges” that has been carved from pink granite and displays how Lord Shiva made the water of the Ganges descend from the heavens onto the earth.

Entry fee: Indians- INR 10
Foreigners– INR 334
Open from: 6am to 6pm

Must see: Dance festivals are major tourist attractions of these Mahabalipuram temples. There is a Mamallapuram Dance Festival every year celebrated in the month of December or January.

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