10 foods that aid in weight loss

Every weight loss advices looks new and seems to be like never heard before. But finding a perfect weight loss procedure is magical and requires time to understand. The success rate of weight loss is usualy small or dont
work at all for some. Here we bring clear understanding of 10 most incredible weight loss food which guarantee weigh loss initiatives in anyone.

Metabolism and Body Weight – What you need to know?

There is a misconception that taking less calories aids in weight loss. It is not! The food is converted into energy as a part of metabolism in order to fuel up your day to day activities. Cutting down the calorie intake may leads to malnutrition thus lowering the metabolism and eventually reversing the weight loss.

How fast you lose weight depends on your activities as well as particular food in your diet which reduce further food intake. There are some foods which helps you achieve weight loss by providing consistent energy and regulating
your appetite hormone without crunching your health.

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Known as the best source of proteins and fibers, greens aids digestion, fights cholesterol levels, boost energy and are extremely low in calories. Adding greens to your diet is a great way to incorporate effortless weight loss with
balanced diet.

2. Oatmeal

Quick and easy oatmeal breakfast keeps you light and energetic throughout your day. In one cup of oatmeal there are 145 calories which is 15% fat, 69% carbs, 16% protein. Research shows that oatmeal lovers feels light and
consume less calories during their next snacking as oatmeal fills you with more protein and fiber.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa, the powerhouse of protein is gluten-free and a complete source of protein including all of the essential amino acids. Quinoa are best combined with rice, vegetables, savories and even in cookies and muffins. With only 2.5 grams of fat in one cup of quinoa, no wonder why quinoa ranks high in the list.

4. Eggs

Eggs are widely considered among many for its low calorie content. Having packed with large nutrients including proteins and vitamins of many verities, a large egg has only 85 calories in it. Go for this optimal nutrition to aid your weight loss.

5. Beans

Beans are fairly known for its high protient content and notable for low calories. The soluble fiber in beans not only reduce the cholestrol risk but also helps in slow digestion and absorption. Recent survey shows that pulse
consumptions makes one feel full; reduced snacking, which significantly improved the weight loss.

6. Fruits

Considering fruits in diet acheives overall signifacnce to your health. While you cut down soft drinks which disrupt your metabolism choose water content fruits like watermelon, orange for beneficial nutrition. A recent study published that consuming avocados supplies beneficial fiber and fats leading to less sugar consumption and weight management. Dates is also one such natural sweetener which has high soluble fiber reducing sugar absorption by regulating digestion. So next time swap in sugar with dates for the smoothies or while baking something with artififcal sweetner.

7. Legumes

An important part of a balanced diet, which boost nutrition. Legumes products are high in protein which improves metabolic rate and reduce appetitite to a larger extent. Legumes have been used as protein substitutes by vegans for many years.

8. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber along with heart-healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Almonds are the ones with excellent

source of protein. It is proven that almonds are snacked by lot of people for better brain functioning. It is suggested to be consumed in moderation for its high content in omega 3 fatty acids. On the other hand Flaxseed has a very balanced protein to fiber to carb ratio, which is evident in fighting cholesterol, cancer and blood sugar. Flax are tasteless and can be baked with your favorite food.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so great for weight loss. The Medium Chain Triglycerides found in coconut oil plays the role of burning more calories thus contributing to high metabolism, reduced appetite and helps lose abdominal fat.

10. Milk

Milk is another balanced diet in list with almost every quantity of single nutrient. Milk consumption is advised by health experts for impressive benefits. 1 cup of whole milk contains 8 grams of protein with 149 calories.

Things to consider while on weight loss dieting

Pay attention to balance your diet with essential nutrition. Avoid forbidding certain foods as a part of dieting, this may lead to additional cravings. Be mindful in choosing food portion size and chew the food well and eat slowly to avoid overeating circumstances. Always avoid emotional triggers and indulge in non-food-related activities.